Gold, aurum in Latin, is that precious metal that symbolises the sun; its gleaming colour has always attracted humanity like a magnet. For its rarity, shine and durability, it came to be greatly appreciated as a symbol of power, wealth and beauty in all cultures throughout history.

Gold left a visible impression on the history of mighty Egypt. In 1922, Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered intact, containing the richest hoard of gold, gold jewellery and other treasures in the history of archaeology. As a cosmetic, gold was frequently used by Queen Cleopatra, who allegedly slept with a golden mask on her face to achieve eternal youth, well-being and happiness. In ancient times, gold was believed to cure all problems of a physical, mental or spiritual nature. In alternative and traditional Chinese medicine, gold represents the key ingredient for rejuvenation and regeneration. It is believed to activate 'chi' or the body’s life energy, remove blockages in the body and to have a soothing effect. Chinese emperors called it the key to youth and applied it directly to their faces to reduce wrinkles and provide a radiant appearance.
In India, beauty treatments included the use of golden masks to smooth the skin and make it firmer and more radiant.

With the development of state-of-the-art technologies that have allowed us, by breaking pure gold into micron particles, to exploit its fine qualities, the use of gold has opened up new dimensions in cosmetics. Gold has been proven to be effective in terms of skin rejuvenation, line and wrinkle smoothing and skin tone improvement. Skin treated with gold becomes visibly smoother and beautifully lustrous.

Due to its electric charge, gold promotes vital energy, which makes treatment with gold a joy for your skin. For skin that wants and deserves more. Products from our professional cosmetic line GOLD 24 Ka incorporate fine particles of pure gold that bring positive energy to your skin from the hidden depths of the earth's interior, while its soft reflections envelop your complexion with a luxurious shine and glamorous look.