User opinions

TANJA: “I went to the Afrodita Beauty Centre at the Grand Hotel Sava in Rogaška Slatina and the girls were in fact extremely kind. I even received a loyalty card which gives you concessions on treatments, so I decided that from now on I would go directly to you to enjoy my days of relaxation. At the time I also bought "a whole bunch of things" including the golden collection, which is really fantastic. And then the Lipo-Detox Finish against cellulite which I first bought at the Živa Wellness Centre in Bled and a new face cleansing foam and the list goes on and on. I could say I’m well-stocked now for a while."
BRANE KASTELIC: “I don’t know if, having entrusted myself to the lovely, blue-eyed Maja for a good two hours of face and body care and massage at the Afrodita Beauty Centre, I’m any more beautiful, but I do know that the comfort I experienced made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and like new. I had been “Afroditised”!”
VANJA: "Until lately, I wasn’t used to going to cosmetic salons. Then I was kind of forced to make my first visit by my sister’s birthday present - a chocolate mask treatment at the Afrodita Beauty Centre. After putting it off for a long time I finally went there out of respect for the present I’d been given albeit a bit reluctantly. My feelings after the treatment: divine! Not just the rich nourishing skin treatment, which made my skin incredibly soft, but also the complete relaxation of my body and mind. And the smell was out of this world... mmm, I could just eat it all up. On top of all, all the girls at the Afrodita Beauty Centre were extremely friendly. I never felt uncomfortable for a second, which was my greatest concern before the visit. And so the birthday present which I was the least delighted with at first turned out to be the tops! Because it was truly all about pampering me. More gifts like that, please!”