We were visited by… Femme Fatale nominees visit Kozmetika Afrodita

The saying that beauty attracts beauty is very true indeed. Also on the local scene. Kozmetika Afrodita, the leading Slovenian beauty establishment, was visited by the nominees for "Femme Fatale” 2012.

These are women whose charisma, energy and character were found the most inspiring by the readers of Eva magazine last year. Beauty as the key guiding principle of this successful Slovenian company with products favoured also by the “femmes fatale” has thus found expression in all senses of the word. At Kozmetika Afrodita, the main sponsor of the “Femme Fatale” project, the nominated “fatal women” - Violeta Tomič, Iva Stanič, Nataša Pinoza, Jana Koteska, Alenka Mirt, Ana Šinkovec, Darja Švajger and Alenka Godec - were first told about the long-standing tradition and business foundations of the company, introduced to the latest additions to its already rich range and were then invited to a relaxing beauty treat at the Afrodita Beauty Centre. The beauty treat was, as befits any proper host, followed by a gourmet treat. While sampling the Afrodita sparkling house wine and other culinary delights at the Sonce restaurant, the girls and Kozmetika Afrodita’s representatives had the time to cover typically female topics. The pleasant get-together ended by all agreeing they should meet again soon. All the nominees were impressed by the kind reception, the passion and energy that drive the work commitment of Kozmetika Afrodita’s employees, and of course by the relaxing beauty treat. They were positively surprised by the remarkable breadth of the product range and their attention was drawn particularly by the new Hydra Thermal product line. Kozmetika Afrodita’s collaboration in the “Femme Fatale” project is no coincidence. They emphasize that they decided to join it because the project concept itself was in many ways compatible with their perception of beauty. They believe that an important part of beauty comes from within - that a truly beautiful woman, a femme fatale, is a woman who feels beautiful. A woman proud of both the beautiful and the less beautiful parts of her body. She is aware of her value, celebrates her uniqueness and loves her own body. This positive attitude toward herself is revealed in her select daily care which builds up her awareness of her unique qualities, helps her bring out her natural beauty and plays a part in making her feel comfortable in her skin in any situation and during any period of life. This understanding of beauty is wonderfully summed up in a few words by their corporate slogan: Kozmetika Afrodita - BEAUTIFUL IN MY SKIN.
FIGURE 1: Darja Švajger and Alenka Godec, delighted with the relaxing beauty treat at the Afrodita Beauty Centre
FIGURE 2: the “femme fatale” nominees: Nataša Pinoza, Ana Šinkovec, Alenka Mirt, Iva Stanič and Violeta Tomič in the company of the financial and accounting services manager Marta Strašek and the developer Nina Kroflič.