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Products brought together under the Kozmetika Afrodita brand are distinguished by high and consistent quality. The claims and effects we refer to are backed up by the results of the clinical trials of recognised international institutes.


All products are designed and developed in a complex of our own laboratories where they undergo precise physicochemical and microbiological tests. Dermatological tests (human patch tests), paediatrician-controlled tests and effectiveness tests are carried out at globally recognized independent institutions.

The high and constant quality of our products is also confirmed by our compliance with the requirements of the ISO 22 716 international standard arising from the key pillar of new European cosmetics legislation - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cosmetics industry. Afrodita's application of the principles of this standard is reflected by our adherence to strict requirements - operating rules and organisational guidelines specifically focused on human, technical and administrative factors that influence the quality of products.


At Kozmetika Afrodita, we believe in the power of nature, which is why our products, developed under our own formulations…


generously incorporate only the finest and tested natural active ingredients, and increasingly exclude non-natural additives such as parabens, paraffins, silicones, petroleum jelly, artificial colouring and synthetic fragrances. Our products thus contain up to 96.5% of ingredients of natural origin and, yet further, we endeavour to select organically produced ingredients.


At Kozmetika Afrodita, we respect life and the freedom of choice, so our products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS during either the final or any intermediate stage of development. Neither do we commission others to do such tests for us.


Furthermore, ever since alternative testing methods (i.e. not involving animals) have been available, we select only cosmetic ingredients which are guaranteed by the supplier not to have been animal-tested, as required by the Cosmetics Regulation, and ingredients which have passed the supplier's effectiveness tests supported with in vivo studies (on volunteers) and/or in vitro studies (laboratory studies not involving living organisms).
The new EU legislation (Regulation EC 1223/209 of 30 November 2009) which came into effect in March 2013 and bans the marketing of cosmetic products in any way tested on animals (either at the final developmental stage or where animal testing was used for their ingredients) is warmly welcomed by Kozmetika Afrodita. We are also pleased that science is looking to develop new alternative testing methods and that the European Union is promoting this with its investment of financial resources. As for us, we have been following this trend for a long time, indeed years before this welcome legislation came into force.


The Kozmetika Afrodita products offered on the market feature an excellent ratio between price and quality.


Consumers are provided with high quality at an affordable price.



Honesty is the key value we endorse, as confirmed by generations of satisfied consumers both at home and abroad.


The many commendations we daily receive from all parts of the world show that we are on the right path and drive our continuous efforts to develop products which are adapted to our users' wishes and needs, as natural as possible and, above all, of high quality.

We keep our promises and do not exaggerate in our claims about the effects of individual products. The claims and effects we refer to are backed up by the results of the clinical trials of recognised international institutes.

For the fourth year in a row, we received a rating among the best national and foreign brands (si.Brand TOP 50) as voted last year by Slovenian consumers, and hence reaffirmed our leading position as a cosmetic brand in the Slovenian market which enjoys the trust of an increasing number of users.


At Kozmetika Afrodita, all products are invariably designed and manufactured with the end users in mind - their wishes, needs and expectations.


Their fulfilment and the resulting satisfaction of the users is our key guiding principle.

We endeavour to build and maintain partner relationships with our consumers which are based on trust that will last for a lifetime.


We are able to boast unceasing development and investment in innovations. We are always on the lookout for new developmental solutions…


innovative patents and revolutionary ingredients which allow us to meet our users' needs to ever higher degrees. Our complex of laboratories employ capable, motivated and highly educated professionals in the field of pharmacy, microbiology and chemistry who keep adding to their knowledge and follow the revolutionary developments and current trends in the cosmetic industry. In collaboration with our marketing services which are watchful for market developments and demands, we develop about 25 new products every year to enhance our already extensive product range.

we pride ourselves on MORE THAN 46 YEARS of manufacturing high-quality cosmetic products.

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