By: Česnik Tina

14. 12. 2012.

Hello! I'm a very satisfied user of your NATURAL LIFT line, that is, of the cream from this line intended for normal to combination skin such as mine. I feel I need to praise you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this line on the market.

It's one of the few that's dedicated to anti-aging but that still suits the needs of combination skin!!! Worthy of praise!!! And may I also mention that I'm 32 years old but I nonetheless still get acne. Well, I used to. But now not anymore, since I've been using your NATURAL LIFT line! I also recommended it to my mom, specifically the cream intended for dry skin, and then I also bought her the serum. And the prices are very friendly, if I may say so, that's why I ask you - please keep it up!!!!!
And now I found out that your new HYDRA line has arrived on the market and that you also offer a cream for combination skin in this line. Would it be possible to get a sample? And for whom is the 24 Ka line intended? As you can see, I'm very interested in your cosmetics and will continue to use them WITH GREAT enthusiasm in the future! I can say that I'm already your promoter, as I recommend it to every woman who asks me what I use. And there's more than a few because I really have very nice skin.
And here's a little idea: have you ever thought about decorative cosmetics? A nice shelf at drug stores, and on it mascaras, eye shadow, pencils, powders...It would definitely sell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your efforts and Kind Regards,

Česnik Tina


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