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Embark on your sunny adventures with protected skin!

SUN CARE products with protection factor from SPF 6 to SPF 30 provide excellent "natural skin protection" against sunburn and photo-aging and, with an after-sun care product, they help your skin to maintain a long-lasting tan and to stay fresh and supple.
Because our skin deserves only the best, SUN CARE products contain NO parabens or petroleum jelly and have no added colouring.

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What they do contain is a highly effective combination of UVA and UVB filters and a range of carefully selected active ingredients such as walnut, carrot and coconut oil, vitamin E, camomile extract, aloe vera, beta-glucan, panthenol and glycerine. All the products are dermatologically tested and scented with skin-friendly hypoallergenic perfume with an intoxicating aroma of coconut and melon which reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
Sun Care - the best protection and care for your skin during and after sunbathing.
Enjoy your sunny adventures with protected skin, a healthy tanned complexion and Sun Care line products from Kozmetika Afrodita!

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