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Afrodita - my skin’s best friend

By: Sara, 28 years

07. 03. 2013.


I admit it, not long ago I avoided it and preferred to reach for incomparably pricier, "grand-sounding" names. After years of testing all imaginable products and a mountain of wasted money as well as time and nerves my problematic skin still showed no signs of improvement and I finally gave way to the persuasions of my colleague, gave it a try and was simply delighted! Since then, it has been my constant and loyal companion.

It was Oil Control Serum and Moisturising Cream that won me over about a year ago. The unsightly oily shine and annoying impurities that plagued me since puberty simply vanished! What's more, without drying out my epidermis, the price for a matte complexion claimed by other products I'd tried. What a relief! Both products remain my first and irreplaceable choice. The serum accompanies me at every step - it is just small and chic enough to fit in my purse and will matte my complexion in an instant - anywhere and anytime.
Once I discovered the Oil Control line, which was revolutionary for me, I eagerly started to explore Afrodita's other products. Nurturing Pitaya, Almond Shower Oil Gel, Sun Care products, the indispensable After Depilation Gel, invigorating Fresh Foot Balm, nourishing Aroma Rich Care hand cream...my skin loves them! It has occupied my bathroom and also accompanies me on every trip I make. In addition, Afrodita keeps surprising me with new products and, most importantly, never disappoints me.
It is natural, effective, intoxicatingly fragrant, purse-friendly, not tested on animals and a best friend to my skin. Yes, Afrodita is all of that. That and much more.

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