As the leading Slovenian beauty establishment we have consistently met the desires, needs and expectations of end and professional users (cosmetic and hair salons and wellness and spa centres) with high-quality cosmetic products and services for more than 46 years. We build and maintain partner relationships with our consumers as well as all other stakeholders based on trust and reciprocity. We strive for a pleasant working environment and do our best to contribute to the welfare or our local, as well as, the broader community. Our socially responsible stance is reflected by our support for a number of sports, cultural, educational and humanitarian organisations and projects. Being aware of our environmental responsibility, we take particular care to preserve the natural world by continuously striving to improve the environmental aspects of our business operations and with rational use of energy, raw materials and other natural resources.
Afrodita is a synonym for an effective, natural, trustworthy user- and environment-friendly brand.




By ceaselessly developing high-quality, natural, innovative cosmetic products friendly to the user and environment we aim to:

  • take over the leading market position in the segment of cosmetic care products on the Slovenian market and other markets of former Yugoslavia - to become the first choice of end users as well as professional users,
  • increase our market share and corporate reputation in our other existing markets, and
  • to break into new markets within and beyond the EU.


Our business operation is guided by the following values:

Our vision of beauty as a value that represents both the core and foundation of what we do is very well summed up in a few words by our corporate slogan: BEAUTIFUL IN MY SKIN. At Kozmetika Afrodita we believe that an important part of beauty comes from within - that a truly beautiful woman is a woman who feels beautiful. A woman proud of both the beautiful and the less beautiful parts of her body. She is aware of her value, feels proud of herself, celebrates her uniqueness and loves her own body. This positive attitude toward herself and love for her body is also revealed in the carefully selected daily care which reinforces her awareness of her unique qualities, helps her bring out her natural beauty and plays a part in making her feel comfortable in her skin in any situation and any period of life. She is happy to share this good experience with others - her partner, children, friends and acquaintances, in short, with everybody she cares for.
Honesty in relationships with our employees, users, business partners, narrow and broad community and all other stakeholders is the guiding principle of our business operation. We build and maintain relationships with stakeholders which are based on respect, reciprocity and a mutual exchange of value. We respect business, ethical and moral principles, keep our promises and make a trustworthy partner.
We continuously strive for a high and steady quality of our products and services. Only the best tried and tested natural active ingredients are incorporated in our products - after their quality has been confirmed with precise physicochemical, microbiological and dermatological tests, paediatrician-controlled tests and effectiveness tests. The claims and effects we refer to are backed up by the results of the clinical trials of recognised international institutes. The high and constant quality of our products is also confirmed by our compliance with the requirements of the ISO 22 716 international standard arising from the key pillar of new European cosmetics legislation - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cosmetic industry.
All our products are invariably designed and manufactured with the end users in mind - their wishes, needs and expectations. Their fulfilment and the resulting satisfaction of the users are our utmost goal. We endeavour to build and maintain partner relationships with our consumers which are based on trust that will last for a lifetime.
We believe in the power of knowledge, which we consistently reward and endeavour to enhance. In keeping with the latter, we keep up with the advances, strive for ceaseless development and invest in innovation. We are always on the lookout for new developmental solutions, innovative patents and revolutionary ingredients which allow us to meet our users' needs even more consistently.
Being aware of the importance of give and take in our interaction with the social and natural environment that we work in, we have assumed a responsible role in helping shape it. We help improve the quality of life of our employees and their families and the narrow and broader community. By means of donations and sponsorship we support various humanitarian, educational, sports and cultural projects and organisations. Afrodita makes every effort to use natural sources in an economical way and reduce the impact of its activities and products on the natural environment by choosing production processes, technologies and materials which cause the least possible stress to the natural world.
We take pride in more than 46 years of manufacturing high-quality cosmetic products. Today, we successfully combine our rich experience with contemporary know-how, modern technology and the latest trends in the cosmetic industry.

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