A new landmark development in modern dermocosmetology WITH BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE PEPTIDES which rejuvenate the skin from inside out!

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The 3 PEPTIDES innovation represents an advanced approach to anti-ageing skin care, combatting visible signs of ageing at the root cause and rejuvenating your skin from inside out!  Harnessing the power of biologically active peptides, it goes to work on the skin cells directly and reactivates a number of dermal and epidermal genes, reviving their youthful potential! It stimulates the cells to divide faster and synthesise more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As a result, it slows down the chronological ageing and photoageing of the skin, rejuvenating it in every way: visibly toning your skin, smoothing its surface and producing an intensive anti-wrinkle effect!


  • improved skin tone (+19.5%) and elasticity (+9%);
  • reduced wrinkle density (−37%) and volume (−18.5%).


The sophisticated, high-performance formulas used in our 3 PEPTIDES products ensure superior anti-ageing care for all types of skin after the age of approx. 30 years and are particularly recommended for skin subjected to premature ageing -as a result of either internal or external factors. The ideal choice for treating the most challenging skin conditions and for all those who simply want more from their anti-ageing care!


All the products are 100% FREE OF PARABENS and PARAFFIN and are scented with hypoallergenic perfume. Another benefit is that they are highly tolerated by sensitive skin.


The Matrixyl® peptide complex included in the 3 PEPTIDES products received the prestigious "25 years of Innovation Award" in recognition for being the ingredient which has had the greatest impact on personal care over the last quarter of a century.