Long-standing tradition, invaluable experience, many commendations and great demand. Such is the best way to describe Afrodita Academy’s activities. The academy was established with the aim to share all that we have experienced and learned over the four decades of our operation with you - cosmetic practitioners.

Join us to discover new knowledge and explore new business opportunities and challenges. We respect the legacy of knowledge and believe that it is a treasure which accompanies its owners at all times.

Every year, professional seminars with a practical workshop are held by Kozmetika Afrodita at the Afrodita Academy, where cosmetic practitioners gain new knowledge and skills in using professional cosmetic products, learn about trends and developments in cosmetic treatments and get a certificate of professional qualification.
The seminars and workshops are run by our recognized cosmetic experts.
One-to-one training may also be arranged.
For further information about our workshops and seminars please contact your local distributor or write to us at:

The seminar topics are up-to-date and reflect trends in the cosmetic profession. Here are just a few:

    cellulite elimination with Kozmetika Afrodita methods
  • VITA DERMA AMPOULES - miraculous drops of beauty with an amazing effect
  • AHA - new dimensions in fruit acid treatments - skin rejuvenation
  • NATURAL SKIN REGENERATION AFTER THE SUMMER with the power of magical enzymatic exfoliation and AHA acids
  • GOLD 24 Ka - an anti-age fantasy of sheer luxury
  • HYALURON - new dimensions of natural skin moisturising
  • WINE THERAPY - rejuvenating ANTI-AGE care using the time tested power of grapes
  • MILK & HONEY - nourishing PRO-AGE milk and honey rituals
  • AROMATHERAPY - wonder-working treatment with the power of essential oils