NO 1 in Slovenia in the face creams category


NO 1 in Slovenia in the face creams category

Positive consumer opinion of the Afrodita Cosmetics brand is confirmed not only by the experience of numerous satisfied customers but also by the results of the latest independent research.

According to the results of the most recent BRANDpuls survey, Afrodita Cosmetics is the STRONGEST BRAND in the Slovenian market in the face creams category. It achieved the highest BRANDscore and was classified 1stout of 33 different brands, leaving behind the competition from all the giants of the cosmetics industry.

It also achieved an outstanding result in the body care products category, where it came 2nd out of 26 brands, according to BRANDscore data.



The results of the survey that place the Afrodita Cosmetics brand in 1st and 2nd place in selected product categories were presented in the April supplement to the respected retail publication IN STORE entitled "Category Guide: Cosmetics for Personal Care".



The figures presented were obtained through a BRANDpuls survey in 2016 and apply to the Slovenian market. BRANDpuls surveys are carried out in the Adria region (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia) by Ipsos, one of the world's leading market research companies. Surveys are carried out twice a year among respondents aged 15 to 64.


BRANDscore is an indicator of the strength of an individual brand that enables comparison of brands within a specific category in the market. The calculation of the BRANDscore takes into account multiple aspects of the consumer's attitude towards a brand and includes both behavioural and emotional aspects. The behavioural aspect covers the consumer's existing relationship with a brand (purchase, use, experience, etc.), while the emotional aspect indicates the quality and intensity of perception of the brand in the eyes of consumers (image, loyalty, etc.).

Source: Perper, Rok. 2017. Face Creams & Body Care Products. IN STORE Category Guide: Cosmetics for Personal Care (April 2017, No 51, Vol. VI, pp. 4-7).

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