Our beginnings date back to 1970 when Danica Zorin Mijošek, the company's founder and director, started down the path of entrepreneurship.

Her clearly set goals led her to the therapeutic Rogaška Slatina spa, a prestigious health resort with inexhaustible springs of healing mineral water, where she opened her first cosmetics salon, which is still going strong today. The new salon added variety to the existing spa and tourist service of Rogaška Slatina, which largely hosted guests from neighbouring European countries. The meagre offering of cosmetic products on the market prompted the manufacture of the first facial care product - camomile cream, which laid the foundations for the development of cosmetics brought together under the Kozmetika Afrodita brand.


The increasing demand and the delight of consumers provided the stimulus to set up production and later the company Kozmetika Afrodita d.o.o. We developed a broad spectrum of products for facial, body and hair care. With its basic guiding principle - to offer products from largely natural ingredients of constant quality - the brand gained recognition that had a strong effect on its competitiveness.

By the late 1980s, owing to the increasing liberalization of the market, customers could finally find Kozmetika Afrodita brand products in the aisles of some large shops.


Slovenia experienced many changes and turnabouts in the early 1990s, and these were also felt in business. Almost overnight, Kozmetika Afrodita found itself in an unenviable position due to the loss of its markets in the former Yugoslavia. By strategically shifting its focus onto foreign markets, the company was able to successfully retain all of its employees and continue along its path.


  • 130 people from various professional fields - capable and highly motivated individuals who seek common pathways to meet the desires, needs and expectation of our users.
  • More than 700 cosmetic products have been developed with our own know-how and retain a high and constant quality.
  • With two Afrodita Beauty Centres and the Afrodita Dermatology Clinic, the company is a synonym for high-quality cosmetic services and the services of medical and aesthetic dermatology.
  • A company of international dimensions - our market share and reputation are steadily increasing not only in Slovenia but also in 20 foreign markets.

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